Living Childfree with Erik & Melissa


We were interviewed on IVFML, a Huffington Post Podcast:


The story of our podcast

The original name of our podcast was How Did We Get Here? with E & M, which we did anonymously, using only our first initials to identify ourselves. Anonymity worked for us (initially) because many of the topics we discussed were very personal in nature. As we were coming to terms with stopping infertility treatments and beginning a childfree life, we used the podcast to express our feelings and reach out to others going through similar life experiences.

After a while, anonymity lost its appeal to us. Particularly after interacting with listeners through social media and email. Many of them used their real names, while we were still referring to ourselves as E & M. Additionally, we simply no longer felt that we needed the anonymity to do the podcast.

In late 2018, we decided to reveal our identity. With that came a decision to also change the podcast name and increase our social media involvement.


Our hopes for the future

With the current podcast, Living Childfree with Erik & Melissa, we hope to build upon the foundation we forged with How Did We Get Here?. We remain committed to honestly and openly discussing our life as we continue to grow into our fairly new, childfree lifestyle. Along the way, we hope to bring more awareness to the greater culture about individuals that do not have children, and encourage all of our fellow non-parents to live unapologetically childfree!


Some of the topics we discuss on the podcast:

  • The experience of living a different life than you thought you would

  • What it’s like to stop pursuing parenthood

  • Birth control - why some infertile people use it

  • Surviving the loss of a child

  • Experiencing a life-threatening complication from an infertility treatment

  • Learning to be okay being different

  • Travel tips for the childfree

  • Having fun doing things solo

  • Marriage & Relationships


Where can you listen to the podcast?