About Us


Erik and Melissa

We are a 40-something, interracial, married couple living in Los Angeles, California with our super lovable dog, Lincoln.

After six heart-wrenching years battling infertility, we made the very difficult decision to stop fertility treatments and remain a family of two (plus the cute K9).  Around that same time, we decided to start a podcast to talk through our infertility experience and the new (and slow) transition from infertility limbo land to childfree living.  We named the podcast "How Did We Get Here? with E & M" and we remained anonymous for twenty-four episodes. 

Our main objective when we began, was to connect with others that were also experiencing childfree living after infertility in the hopes of learning from and supporting one another.  It is quite difficult for most of us to find others that have had this experience and are willing to talk about it. Unfortunately, for many, that leads to an even greater sense of loneliness. 

Thankfully, many people around the globe did find our podcast and reached out to us, sending emails filled with their own brave, devastating, and beautiful life experiences. We couldn't have felt more appreciative for our listeners and their willingness to reach out to us. 

As we began to settle more into our childfree life, we felt it was time to make a few changes.  And so, we said goodbye to our anonymity and changed the podcast name to "Living Childfree with Erik and Melissa".  These changes symbolized our desire to fully embrace our childfree life and everyone who describes themselves as childfree, regardless of the path that led them there. 

It is our desire to continuously improve the podcast and livechildfree.com to become outlets that encourage all childfree people to live their lives proudly and unapologetically! 

Erik, Melissa and Lincoln

Erik, Melissa and Lincoln