Living life unapologetically…


There are so many of us around the world living childfree. We didn’t all arrive here via the same route, but we are all here, striving to live happy and fulfilling lives!

What do we mean when we say Childfree?


It’s Simple…

We simply use the word “childfree” as a way to express that we are embracing a life as non-parents.

There are many separate categories often used to describe people without children (childfree-by-choice, childfree-by-circumstance, childfree-after-infertility, childless, etc.). When we say “childfree”, we are including anyone from any of these groups who seeks to live a fulfilling, rewarding life as a non-parent.


“After years struggling to conceive, we decided to remain a family of two."

“I’m not interested in being a parent. It’s not for me.”

“I always thought I would be a parent, but I never met the right person”